Who Is Australia’S Biggest Importer?

What are Australia’s biggest imports?

Australia’s Top Ten Imports#1 Machinery (AUD$46.2 billion) …

#2 Mineral fuels (AUD$43.9 billion) …

#3 Vehicles (AUD$43.6 billion) …

#4 Electrical machinery and equipment (AUD$37.1 billion) …

#5 Medical/technical equipment (AUD$12 billion) …

#6 Pharmaceuticals (AUD$11.8 billion) …

#7 Gems and precious metals (AUD$9.5 billion)More items…•.

Who is the biggest importer?

the United StatesThe world’s largest single importer is the United States, with a 13.4% share of global imports equal to $2.6 trillion of goods. Following the U.S. are two other significant economies, each which import over $1 trillion in goods every year: China ($2.1 trillion), and Germany ($1.3 trillion).

Where is the cleanest air in Australia?

The world’s cleanest air is just across the Bass Strait. It’s in North-Western Tasmania on the Cape Grim Peninsula where you can find the cleanest air on the planet, according to a measuring station on the cape.

What is Australia’s biggest export?

iron oreAustralia’s main export is iron ore, followed by their other most valuables exports coal, gold, and petroleum. These exports alone rake in $48.2 billion, $47 billion, $29.1 billion, and $20.3 billion, respectively. Of course, the country also ships other noteworthy items including food, wine, and cars.

Who is Australia’s biggest trade partner?

ChinaThe largest trading partnersRankCountry/DistrictImports1China78,3212Japan26,9673United States50,7794South Korea14,3027 more rows

What are Australia’s top 3 exports?

Searchable List of Australia’s Most Valuable Export ProductsRankAustralia’s Export ProductChange1Iron ores, concentrates+40.6%2Coal, solid fuels made from coal-5.5%3Petroleum gases+11.6%4Gold (unwrought)+14.3%6 more rows•Nov 16, 2020

How much does Australia rely on China?

Australia relies heavily on foreign investment. China ranks only ninth as an investor in Australia, with a 3% share of total foreign direct investment. That investment has grown rapidly in the past few years, but China’s foreign investment is likely to fall as its savings rate falls.

What is Australia famous for producing?

Australia is an important source of export cereals, meat, sugar, dairy produce, and fruit.

What are the top 5 countries Australia imports from?

Profile of Australia’s trade Australia’s top five trading partners were China, Japan, the United States, the Republic of Korea and India.