Quick Answer: Why Have Suzuki Stopped Making The Jimny?

Is Jimny a good car?

Most off-roaders also try to have a quality, even luxury, interior.

The Jimny stays true to its roots by being sturdy and solid but definitely not premium.

You’re never going to feel cosseted in it, but the more you drive it, the more you realise the interior is pretty fail-safe..

Is Suzuki owned by Toyota?

Toyota plans to spend ¥96 billion ($908 million) to acquire the shares in Suzuki. Japan’s largest car maker also owns a 5.1% stake in Mazda Motor Corp. and a 16.8% stake in Subaru Corp. … It also will use Toyota’s popular hybrid system in its vehicles.

How long is the waiting list for a Suzuki Jimny?

18-monthThere’s a mystique surrounding the little Suzuki that’s seen it accrue an 18-month waiting list, with price premiums greeting anyone wanting to skip the line via the used market. It’s been snapped up by speculators like a 458 Speciale.

It has been built to cope with serious off-road use. The engine and gearbox are well proven and the three-year warranty is a match for any other vehicle of this type. Suzuki has a good reputation for reliability and this is one of the keys to the Jimny’s popularity over the years.

Can you import a Suzuki Jimny?

The Imported Vehicle Safety Compliance Act of 1988 states that current import regulations, designed to ensure things like safety and emissions standards, “do not apply to motor vehicles that are at least 25 years old (based on the month and year of manufacture).” So as much as we’d love to rock something like, say, the …

Are all Suzuki Jimny 4×4?

All four Jimny generations have manually user selectable part-time four wheel drive transmission, where the default (on-road) transmission mode is 2WD RWD (two wheel drive, rear wheel drive). Rear wheel drive can never be disengaged.

What is the fuel consumption of Suzuki Jimny?

37.6 MPGSuzuki Jimny average fuel consumption is 37.6 MPG or 7.5 litres/100km and average CO2 output is 176.9 g/km based on 68 models. CO2 (carbon dioxide), mileage, fuel economy and other emissions data for Suzuki Jimny cars.

Is Suzuki good brand?

In conclusion, Suzuki are a really reliable car brand. This has been backed up by various outlets including WarrantyDirect, ReliabilityIndex and further consumer feedback. The Jimny and Vitara have been ranked some of the best SUVs for reliability.

Will there be a 5 door Suzuki Jimny?

A five-door variant of the Suzuki Jimny is tipped to go into production in 2021.

How reliable is a Suzuki Jimny?

Reliability Survey, Suzuki was the most reliable manufacturer for cars up to four years old, beating Lexus and Toyota to the top spot. That should be reassuring to anyone looking at heading into the wilderness with their Jimny. Like many rivals, the Jimny comes with a three-year/60,000-mile warranty.

What does excludes Jimny mean?

Autocar India says the Jimny will return in 2021 in select European markets as a commercial model with the rear seats removed, meaning it would be excluded from the firm’s fleet emissions for passenger vehicles.

Is Suzuki Jimny good off road?

The Jimny is virtually unstoppable in the rough, and can venture farther off road than most other 4x4s, and certainly a lot further than the new crop of supermini-sized crossovers, most of which don’t even feature 4WD.

What does Jimny mean in Japanese?

I was searching for an explanation for origin of the word “Jimny” . And i had no clue, but I suggest two hypothesis: 1- it’s reference to the Japanese pronountiation of “Gemini” once the “LJ” initial from model LJ10 mean’s “Light Jeep” or an “Jimny” (Gemini) Jeep.

Are Suzuki Jimnys sold in the US?

First, Suzuki pulled out of the US in 2013. It has sold the Jimny since 1970 and rebadged it “Samurai” when it hit our shores in 1985.

Are Suzuki Samurais safe?

Other than that, like most Japanese cars of the era, Samurais are very reliable vehicles.

Where is the Suzuki Jimny manufactured?

JapanThe Suzuki Jimny is made in Japan.

What happened to the Suzuki Jimny?

Suzuki has confirmed that its quirky off-roader will be axed from the range. The move comes as the carmaker aims to hybridise it’s model line-up and meet CO2 emissions regulations.