Quick Answer: What’S The Opposite Of Sensible?

What is the opposite of nicest?

What is the opposite of nicest?unpleasantesthorriblestickiestnastiestvilestwretchedestyuckiestmost disagreeablemost dreadfulmost detestable17 more rows.

Is Unsensible a word?

Unsensible definitions Not sensible; silly, foolish. That cannot be sensed; imperceptible.

What do you call something that bothers you?

menace. noun. someone or something that annoys or threatens you.

Is unbothered a word?

adjective. not experiencing mental or physical discomfort: He was unbothered by the cold.

What does not sensible mean?

adjective. not sensible, or not likely to be effective or successful.

What is the opposite of the word sensible?

sensible. Antonyms: intangible, impalpable, imperceptible, invisible, inappreciable, insensible, unconscious, unaware. Synonyms: tangible, palpable, perceptible, visible, appreciable, judicious, sound, conscious, aware.

What is the opposite word of bothered?

Antonyms for bothered calm, unworried, relaxed, collected, untroubled, satisfied, happy.

What is another word for sensible?

SYNONYMS FOR sensible 1 intelligent, sagacious, rational, reasonable. 2 conscious, understanding, observant. 4 perceptible, discernible, palpable.

What means bothered?

: feeling or showing agitation, worry, annoyance, etc. Never had Johnny seen Rab so bothered about anything as he was over his inability to get himself a good modern gun.—

What is a sensible person like?

Sensible means practical and reasonable. If you’re wearing sensible shoes, they’re sturdy, comfortable, good for walking, and your feet don’t hurt. If you’re a sensible person, you’re level-headed and calm, and you make wise decisions.

Is it Unsensible or insensible?

As adjectives the difference between unsensible and insensible. is that unsensible is not sensible; silly, foolish while insensible is unable to be perceived by the senses.