Quick Answer: How Long Does Ship Sticks Take?

Are Shipsticks worth?

Overall I think their service is worth it for golfers who are willing to spend the extra money to remove a major headache.

I had an extremely positive experience using their service, and if you want to find out the cost for your next trip you can get a quick quote on their site here..

Does USPS ship golf clubs?

USPS. One advantage of using the United States Postal Services to ship your golf clubs is that they provide free Priority Mail Cardboard Mailing Tubes for shipping golf clubs. You can also use Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail boxes to ship your golf clubs depending on the size of your clubs.

Does Ship Sticks provide a box?

Your clubs can be in a hard case or you can use our Ship Sticks shipping box to ship your clubs. Your assigned logistics provider will arrive at the specified pickup window and ship them.

Is Ship Sticks cheaper than FedEx?

When you use UPS or FedEx, you’re paying the one-off rate. Ship Sticks sends thousands of shipments and gets deeply discounted pricing…which they pass on to you. More expensive, smaller weight limits, less included insurance. For example, their 3-day service is $30-$40 more than Ship Sticks.

How long does it take to ship golf clubs?

FedEx Options Shipping golf clubs via FedEx Ground within the U.S. is often less than $100 each way. There’s an $11 handling fee if you ship clubs without a box. Keep in mind that domestic ground service can take up to four days. FedEx International Economy takes up to five business days.

What is the best way to ship my golf clubs?

The easiest way to ship golf clubsPrint. We find you the cheapest possible shipping label. … Ship. Bring your golf bag to any FedEx® or UPS® location before your trip – or pay for a doorstep pickup.Chill. Head to the airport with just the essentials and enjoy traveling without clubs or luggage.Fore.

What size box do I need to ship golf clubs?

Select a new, sturdy box. For shipments over 40 pounds, you should use a 275# burst strength box as noted on the Manufacturer’s Certification Stamp, usually printed on the bottom of the box. You can find this type of box at The UPS Store. Wrap each of your golf clubs individually with two layers of bubble wrap.

How do ship sticks work?

Your clubs can be in a hard case or you can use our Ship Sticks shipping box to ship your clubs. Your assigned logistics provider will arrive at the specified pickup window and ship them. You’ll be able to track your golf clubs online at ShipSticks.com and will receive an email once your clubs have arrived.

How much does FedEx charge to ship golf clubs?

We’ve done this with golf clubs, skis, fishing rods, and it works great. Of course, if you don’t have a golf travel bag, you can buy a box from FedEx and they’ll pack it for free (including the materials). Their standard box is $17.99. The “fragile” box, with stronger cardboard, is $24.99.

Are ship sticks round trip?

Ship Sticks allows you to ship your clubs one-way or round trip. … In order to place a multiple leg order, you will need to create two one-way shipments instead of a round-trip shipment.

How much does a set of golf clubs weigh to ship?

In general, the average set of golf clubs will weigh around 25-30 pounds. This includes a set of 14 clubs in a standard-sized golf bag. The average golf bag weighs from 3-5 pounds. The average weight of a golf driver is around 0.73 pounds or 0.33 kilograms.

How much does it cost to ship sticks?

In general, pricing of shipping your clubs depends on a variety of factors. Luckily, Ship Sticks has a modest base rate of $39.99 for certain ground shipments.

How do you fly with golf clubs?

Here are some of their best tips.Try to get a non-stop flight, if possible. … Get a durable, well-made travel bag. … If you use a soft-sided bag, don’t forget to pack a golf club protection device. … Don’t forget that golf bags are considered “oversized check-in”. … Add some personal ID marking to your bag.

Do you need a travel bag for golf clubs?

4 Reasons why you should definitely take a travel bag on your next flight: Damage: If you don’t have a dedicated bag for your golf clubs, you risk damaging them. Protection: A bag is there to protect your irons from dust, rain or scratches. Size: You may not find another bag that is big enough for your golf clubs.