Question: What Year Is The Best 351 Windsor?

How long will a 351 Windsor last?

it all depends on how hard you run it.

could go up to 300,000 miles if you never run it over 3000 rpm or it could last another 50 miles if you run it at say maybe 8000 rpm..

Which engine is better 351c or 351w?

“The 351W is a basic 302-type engine. The 351C engine got all the hype, but what we race today is the basic W or a combination of the two. The W is a better engine for long-lived low RPM power. It needs proper preparation to race, and, as it has the better torque curve on the low end, it is not a high rpm engine.

How do you tell what year my 351 Windsor is?

The 351W casting number is located on the right side of the block, about halfway down, facing downwards. The code will be a combination of letters and numbers — for example, “E3AE.” In this code, the E represents the decade number and the 3 represents the year.

Which 351w block is best?

pb_paulie_b. The 69′ block is the strongest stock 351w block. High nickle content and thicker main webbing. It is also flat at the top of the main webbing.

Is the 351 Windsor a good engine?

the 351w is a very good engine, it can handle a lot of power before the block splits, that usually happens at around 800hp. the 351m is an ok engine, good for use in trucks and for the basis of building a good 400. the 351c on the other hand is tough to beat, even by the chevy 350.

Is 302 better than 351w?

Overall a stock 351W is hands down stronger than a stock 302, thicker deck,cylinder walls,bigger head and main bolts, so it may be that the 302 is more easily built.

How many horsepower is a 351 Windsor?

As mentioned earlier, 1969 introduced the 351W engine rated at 250 HP with a 2 barrel and 290 HP with the 4 barrel. The 351W has a taller deck height to increase the stroke. While all 289, 302 and 351 Windsor’s share a 4″ bore, the 351W engine has many changes that set it apart from other Windsor engines.

Are all 351 Windsor blocks the same?

all 351w blocks have similar strength, and all are a good basis to build a solid street or street/strip engine. understand however that there are three different deck height blocks.

What is the difference between a 351 Cleveland and a 351 Windsor?

Windsor valve covers use 6-bolt covers, whereas the Cleveland/Modified uses 8-bolt covers. Timing Chain. Cleveland/Modified engines have the timing chain recessed into the front of the block itself, and its timing cover is essentially just a flat piece of metal.