Question: Is There Any Free Food In Humsafar Express?

Does Humsafar provide food?

A small pantry offers a do-it-yourself option with its self-service tea/coffee/soup-vending machine.

If you bring your own food, you can keep it warm or cold as the train has a heating chamber as well as a refrigerating box..

What is the maximum speed of Humsafar Express?

160 km/hHumsafar Express – 160 km/h Speed.

Is free food available in Humsafar Express?

With this policy in mind, Railways has done away with a pantry car in the Humsafar Express. Rather, each coach has a small pantry unit which is equipped with a coffee/tea/soup vending machine, a heating chamber and a refrigerating box. This ensures that food can be served hot and perishable items can be preserved.

What are the facilities in Humsafar Express?

Humsafar ExpressObservation facilitiesLarge windows in all carriages, Operated by both state and private operators.Entertainment facilitiesReading Lights Electric & USB outletsBaggage facilitiesUnderseatOther facilitiesSmoke alarms CCTV cameras Baby changing table Odour control system Passenger information system15 more rows

Can we smoke in Humsafar Express?

If you are travelling in a premium train like Rajdhani or Shatabdi Express, avoid smoking. The Railways wants you to either kick the butt or cough up a fine for a puff. … “After its installation, if someone lights a cigarette or a match stick, the train will initially slow down and eventually stop in its tracks.

What is special in Humsafar Express?

Aiming to improve the train travel experience, Indian Railways launched Humsafar Express equipped with facilities like GPS-based passenger information system, and fire and smoke detectors. The Humsafar Express is a fully AC 3-tier service with all the modern facilities. It services include long haul routes.

Can we smoke in train toilet?

Smoking in indian trains is strictly prohibited. So nobody smoke, only in toilet. Smoking is prohibited. Ofcourse you’ll find people smoking near the toilets but if you’re caught, you’ll be in trouble with the police.

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How many seats are there in Humsafar Express?

Sleeper class coaches will also be attached in addition to existing only 3AC class coaches as per the requirement and as per the decision of the Zonal Railways. Earlier it was it offers 16 AC 3-Tier coaches with 72 seats each . There are also 2 power cars in the fleet.

Is Food complimentary in Humsafar Express?

Is meal free or paid for this train? @Maheswar_Mohanty if you are talking about 22888 (YPR HWH Humsafar Express) train, then meal is not free in this train. … For this train, there is no catering charge in ticket fare, and one has to pay during the travel, for the food they order.

Which train food is free?

Food is provided free in Rajdhani trains (and some others), although it’s not free, you already paid for it through the higher cost of your ticket. Food is provided in most trains with bookable classes, but it isn’t free.

Does AC 3 tier provide food?

So if you have booked your ticket for trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi or Duronto, then food is provided, the cost of which is included in ticket fare. … For other trains, food fare is not inclusive of ticket fare and generally they don’t serve food in train.