Question: Can You Go Straight Into Marine Recon?

How often do recon Marines deploy?


Deployments can vary depending on the needs of the Marine Corps and the current world situation.

These can be a 6-8 month combat deployment to a current hot zone or a float, which is a 6 month cruise on an all-inclusive US Navy Ship..

Is USMC Recon Special Forces?

Although Force Recon has never been part of the United States Special Operations Command, their missions slightly differentiate themselves from other United States Special Operations Forces units. Colloquially, they are specialized in all tactical areas of warfare.

How much do recon Marines get paid?

A sergeant moving into the recon field could net a $50,000 bonus on top of a 72-month lateral kicker of $40,000, netting a future recon Marine $90,000. And gunnys and above with 10-14 years of active service rate nearly $30,000 for reenlisting as an 0321.

What is the most elite unit in the Marines?

Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance, otherwise known as Force Recon, are a company-sized (about 200) recon and direct-action element that falls directly under the Marine Expeditionary Force commander, or the Naval Strike Group commander, depending on whether they’re aboard a ship or on land.

Does Force Recon see combat?

Force Recon was created in the 1950s. … Marines in Force Recon are absolutely trained in direct action missions, and are capable of performing in combat situations, but that is not their primary role.

What’s the difference between Marine Raiders and Force Recon?

Also known as Marine Raiders, they are capable of conducting complex direct-action raids and high-level reconnaissance. Raiders are not the same as Marine Force Recon — while Force Recon is an elite unit, it does not belong to the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) as MARSOC does.

What is the name of the elite Marines?

Marine Raider RegimentThe Marine Raider Regiment, formerly known as the Marine Special Operations Regiment (MSOR), is a special operations force of the United States Marine Corps, part of Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC).

What is a kill hat in the Marines?

There’s the enforcer, often called a “kill hat;” an experienced drill instructor, called a “J-hat” or a “heavy,” who has the most interaction with recruits; and a senior drill instructor, who serves as a stern paternal figure.

Is Recon Marines a special force?

Marine Recon is arguably in the top five of all special operators — capable of harassing an entire enemy battalion for long periods of time; tracking enemy units for larger American forces; or conducting well-orchestrated raids on high-valued targets.

Where are Force Recon Marines stationed?

United States Marine Corps Reconnaissance BattalionsMarine Division ReconnaissanceRoleSupport Ground Combat Element of MAGTF in ground and amphibious reconnaissance and direct action raids.Size2,000+ (Including 835 in Force Recon)Garrison/HQCamp Pendleton, CA Camp Lejeune, NC Camp Schwab, Okinawa10 more rows

Can you enlist as a Recon Marine?

How do I become a Recon Marine? The Recon enlistment option is designated UZ. The best chance of getting into Recon is to enlist with a UZ enlistment option contract. This enlistment option guarantees the enlistee the chance at getting into Recon.

How long does it take to become Marine recon?

1.5 to 2-yearsOn average, it will take 1.5 to 2-years to train a fully qualified Marine Reconnaissance Operator. Since the Marine Corps lacks the facilities, they usually outsource their training to other cross-service schools sponsored by the United States Army and Navy.

Are Marine Raiders Tier 1?

It’s unlikely a Marine Raider unit will ever become a part of the Tier 1 forces. However, individual Marine Raiders will likely be selected to serve in one of the joint Tier One forces from time to time on a rather infrequent basis.

How do you become a Marine Force Recon?

Joining Force ReconPossess a 1st class swimmer qualification.Obtain a first class score on the PFT.Have 20/200 near visual acuity or visual acuity not to exceed 20/400 with a completed PRK eye surgery. … Complete Marine Rifleman Course.More items…

Can you go straight into Marsoc?

TLDR- you can’t go straight into MARSOC, not the way it’s set up now. … To get into MARSOC/Raiders, you have to complete boot camp and your job training (MOS school) and perform well in whatever your job is. A couple times per year, you can apply for a slot in the indoc for Raiders.