Is There Camera In Zoom Car?

Is smoking allowed in Zoomcar?

No smoking or chewing tobacco.

Don’t use incense or other similar products.

No animals in the vehicles.

Only Zoomcar members are allowed to drive Zoomcar vehicles..

Which is better Zoomcar or Revv?

– If you can drive economically, you save more with Revv as fuel cost will be lower. Zoomcar pricing doesn’t care how you drive. – In most cases you will not be using the exact km- if you drive less than the plan, you save a lot on fuel with Revv.

Which self drive car is best?

Best five self-driven car rental apps available in IndiaAvis India. Avis India is a leading global car hire service providerIndia’s leading car hire, leasing and fleet management provider. … Zoomcar. Whether you need to run around town or want to go out of station for a long weekend, Zoomcar has the vehicle for you. … Myles Cars. … Ola Rental. … Drivezy.

Is fuel included in Zoomcar?

When you book a Zoomcar, the prices always include the fuel. Even if you are refueling during your trip, just fill up and keep the receipt, and we will refund that amount. … However, if you refuel, that cost will be refunded.

Does Zoomcar have GPS?

All Zoomcars have a GPS tracker installed for your safety. They can easily locate you in case of any incident so there is no need to worry. They also monitor the speed of the car, so don’t cross the speed limit (125kmph) or else you will be fined.

How do you unlock the zoom car?

How Zoomcar WorksBook. Search for and book a car on our site!Upload License. Upload your driver’s license, and pay a small security deposit.Unlock.Zoom. Fill the start checklist in the Zoomcar app.Return. Return the car to the same location and fill the end checklist to end your trip.

Do we need to pay toll in Zoomcar?

Tolls: Members are responsible for paying all tolls at the time they are due. Zoomcar vehicles are registered with an All India Permit, allowing the vehicle to enter any state in the country. Members must pay all inter-state taxes and fees upon entering into a neighbouring state.

Can I give my own car to Zoomcar?

What is the process to share my car with customers ? To manage sharing of your car with customers, you can access the ZAP app that helps you list your car on the Zoomcar platform (You can also do this from ZAP dashboard).

Does ZoomCar have speed limit?

Zoomcar has a policy. Zoomcar’s official speed limit while driving is 125 km/hr. You will be charged a overspeeding fine max upto INR 2,500 in case you speed above 125 km/hr. You shall be blacklisted if they find more than two overspeeding cases against you.

Can I drop Zoomcar at different state?

Zoomcar’ s new one-way intercity self-service allows a customer to travel from point A to point B which will enable customers to pick up a car from Zoomcar location from one city and drop it off to another city at a Zoomcar location.

What happens if you crash Zoomcar?

Your liability in the event of theft or accident to the vehicle is restricted to a maximum amount equal to ₹10,000/-. Zoomcar’s insurance handles the remainder. … Requesting customers to mark damages, if any, in the car at the time of taking it as well as returning it to Zoomcar.

Is Zoomcar profitable?

Zoomcar said that it has turned EBITDA profitable in the month of December 2017, and the company’s revenues grew over 40% in the year 2017. As of now vehicle via ZAP model contributes 25% of Zoomcar’s inventory with around 800 cars. …