Is The Carrera 4s Wider Than The S?

What’s the difference between Carrera S and 4s?

Here’s what got us: Stepping up from a 911 Carrera S to the all-wheel-drive Carrera 4S costs $7300.

That extra outlay buys you all-wheel drive and, well, that’s it.

There is no standard-equipment difference between the S and the 4S beyond the all-wheel-drive hardware and a gas tank that holds an extra 0.7 gallon..

Which Porsche has widebody?

The 911 993 ‘S’ cars have the widebody of the Turbo along with its lowered suspension and big brakes.

What is the difference between a Carrera and a Carrera S?

In comparison to the base model, the 911 Carrera S has a more powerful engine and additional features, such as optional rear-axle steering. The 911 Carrera T is positioned between the 911 Carrera and the 911 Carrera S and stands for Porsche-driving in its purest form.

What does S mean on Porsche?

S (e.g. 928 S, model year 1979; Macan S) S for “Super” or “Sport”: a version with a more powerful engine. Today the S consistently stands for “Sport” and, in addition to the extra-sporty engine, additionally includes enhancements to the equipment compared with the basic model. Spyder (918 Spyder)