How Many Devices Can You Have On OnX?

How do you get public land on onX?

To unlock private and public land boundaries, property ownership info, topo maps and more, you’ll need a membership: $29.99/year for Premium (one state) or $99.99/year for Elite (all 50 states).

onX Hunt subscribers also get unlimited use of our Web Map.

New users can take advantage of a free 7-day trial..

What do the colors on Onxmaps mean?

Red lines – private land borders. Click here to learn about the Private Lands Layer. Color shaded areas – government lands. Click here to learn about the Government Lands Layer. Bright green lines – hunting unit (GMU) borders.

Can you share onX hunt?

Our new Sharing feature lets you share all Hunt App Markups with a simple tap. … Our new Sharing feature allows you to share all onX Markup types (Waypoints, Lines, Shapes and Tracks) with friends and hunting buddies, ensuring you’re on the same game plan.

How do I share multiple waypoints onX?

To share your position, make sure you and your friends have your Hunt Apps updated, then simply select a waypoint you want to send your companions, then tap the share button. You can then send the map and waypoint via text message, email, or any other method of your choice.

Can you share onX hunt on multiple devices?

How many devices can I use? You can log into two mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) using one onX Hunt account. Desktop or laptop computers do not count towards this limit.

How do I see property lines on onX?

Tap “Map Layers” at the bottom of the screen, then tap the “Layer Library” tab. Select your state from the dropdown menu, then tap the “Private Lands” option to add the Layer. Next, select “My Layers” and tap on the “Private Lands” option to turn on land ownership information in the state you selected.

How do I use onX?

onX Quick Tip – Panning and zooming on the map is easy. Simply use gestures that you’re already familiar with on your smart device by swiping to pan, and pinching your fingers together to zoom out. With webmap, click and move your mouse to pan, and scroll to zoom. Location – To find your location, hit the home button.

Does onX maps use data?

By saving the layers and putting my phone to “Use Offline Maps” mode while in the field saves on battery life since the Hunt App stops telling your phone to look for a network. Note: Try and save your maps on a wi-fi network. This will reduce your data plan usage.

Does onX have 3d maps?

3D Maps are not currently available on Android devices.

How do you enter coordinates on onX?

Use the “web map” and enter coordinates in the search box (upper left), make sure location is highlighted, then tick the search icon. The location crosshairs will move to that location, then click on “add waypoint” on the menu bar.

How does onX hunt work?

The onX Hunt App uses your device’s built-in location services to record each point along your path as as you travel. In online mode, the App will use cell towers to determine the location of these points. When using the app in Off-Grid mode, it is disconnected from the cell network and uses GPS satellites instead.