Can You Use Regular Antifreeze In A Diesel?

How long can you run a diesel engine without coolant?


From cold it can run probably 5 minutes.

If you get a laser thermometer, you can watch it heat up..

What is the preferred pH level of coolant in a diesel engine?

between 8 and 10A very high pH value is also bad news as you risk damage to your gaskets and to the softer metal components. Therefore, the pH value in an ideal cooling system always needs to be between 8 and 10. To achieve this, you need buffers in your cooling fluid to neutralise the formation of acids or alkalis.

Is antifreeze the same as coolant?

Well, antifreeze and engine coolant are similar, but not the same. Antifreeze is a concentrated, glycol-based liquid that must be diluted with water before use – at which point it is referred to as coolant. … Engine coolant is a mixture of antifreeze and water, with a common ratio of 50:50.

What is an injector sleeve?

The diesel injector sleeve (a.k.a. fuel injector sleeve) seals and protects the injector in the cylinder head, separating the fuel system from the cooling circuit.

How fast will a car overheat without coolant?

Not very long. Even driving gently you should expect things to start getting too hot within just a few minutes – probably less than 5 minutes if it’s completely dry. If your car has an aluminum head, like many do, then you should expect the head to warp almost immediately upon overheating.

How far can you drive without radiator fluid?

The answer – as always – is: A few seconds at most (with no “fluid”, as stated) in order to guarantee no damage the engine. One might even be physically able to drive a few miles to get to a safe location, but one risks extreme engine damage – up to the point that it could never be rebuilt.

What kind of coolant do you put in a diesel?

Best Diesel Option: Zerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant ZEREX G-05 contains a nitrite based additive that is designed to protect your diesel engine’s cylinder liners from cavitation erosion – a common type of erosion in diesel engines.

What happens if you use the wrong color antifreeze?

Mixing different engine coolants or using the wrong coolant can impair the performance of the special additive packages; this can result in increased corrosion to the radiator. … Using the wrong engine coolant can gradually lead to corrosion and damage to the water pump, radiator, radiator hoses and cylinder gasket.

Can I put water in my diesel radiator?

You can run straight distilled water with no ill effect, as long as it isn’t going to freeze. … Water actually cools better than antifreeze. You will have to run an additive in your cooling system for pump lubrication and anti-scale.

What kind of antifreeze does a DuraMAX diesel take?

DuraMAX Antifreeze and Coolant – Conventional Green Low Silicate Formula. The DuraMAX 50/50 Pre-diluted Antifreeze made with a low silicate formula is a ready-to-use formula for use in cars, light duty and heavy duty trucks.

How does diesel fuel get in the radiator?

Right before the piston reaches TDC (top dead center), diesel fuel is injected into the cylinder. Then a massive explosion happens and starts forcing the piston down in the bore. … When this happens, coolant will start to enter the cylinder bore and eventually the oil pan.

What happens if you don’t put antifreeze in your car?

Your engine could overheat. Coolant helps pull heat away from the engine. So, without enough coolant, the engine could overheat or seize up. Continued use of an overheated engine could lead to permanent damage, such as pistons welding to the cylinders.

Can you use regular antifreeze in a diesel engine?

You should NEVER use light duty coolant in a heavy duty engine, this will cause damage! … Pitting/Cavitation Corrosion – Many heavy duty diesel engines use replaceable liners that fit down around each cylinder to aid in serviceability.

What’s the difference between diesel antifreeze and regular antifreeze?

The difference between the antifreeze used in a diesel engine and that used in a conventional gas engine is that diesel antifreeze contains a special additive that protects against erosion on cylinder walls.

Why is there diesel fuel in my coolant?

The fuel pressure from the injector rail cast into the head (small hole to the left of the arrow) is far greater than the pressure in the cooling system. When a crack occurs, diesel fuel easily passes into the coolant. … This is best done if the engine is at operating temp before you put air to the head.

Can you mix red and green antifreeze?

It’s perfectly backwards compatible if you want to do that. But you really don’t want to mix them, it’s not that good of an idea to mix them. If you want to have the correct coolant added for you, consider YourMechanic. They will be able to come to your home or office to perform this service.

What is heavy duty antifreeze?

General Information. Heavy Duty Engine Coolant is a superior fully formulated engine coolant based on a proprietary formulation of corrosion inhibitors. Heavy Duty is a low silicate, phosphate and amine free ethylene glycol based product.

What are diesel injector cups?

To prevent damaged cylinder heads and keep a good injector seal, manufacturers have introduced an injector cup. The cup is usually machined from a softer alloy like copper, which not only helps the cup conform to and seal the cylinder head, but also helps cool the injector.